Top Stay Trippy Little Hippie Forest Sunflower shirt

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Our team did a lot of researches for designing trending Top Stay Trippy Little Hippie Forest Sunflower shirt. We hope you can find and buy it here so that you will always be cool with our product.

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I am extremely frustrated and need assistance I placed an order over 6 days ago and it is a Top Stay Trippy Little Hippie Forest Sunflower shirt birthday present I have now sent 2 emails and multiple messages through facebook no one will answer me I am seriously beginning to question the legitimacy of this company I need to know where my order is what is taking so long why you are unable to answer your communications and when my order will be received this is an urgent matter that I need addressed immediately. I would like to put in a formal complaint on the store manager of the lincoln road store in miami beach I stood in line for about 20mins only to be told that my 20 rewards coupon was not going to be honored I asked why and associate said because I was getting the 5 28 panties and that was not allowed with the rewards coupon I explained that me and my sister had both went to another vs 3days prior and bought the same items and my rewards was honored I then asked to speak to a manager the manager said the same thing and I again explained that I purchased the same items at another store 3 days ago and it was honored so why wont this store honor it he then said that store was wrong and he wouldnt honor it I asked if it wasnt allowed then why did the computer except the rewards code and he said he didnt know and walked away I was extremely upset and the next day I made the same purchase via online I am mad that I have to spend extra on shipping when I spent 1 hr in the store and waiting 20mins in line only to be told incorrect information horrible customer service I have been a client of vs for 21yrs and I have never had this type of issues happen I will like to hope that vs wants to keep me as a client and rectify this situation. You dont like pulse size women but your sales associates will try to sell me bra extenders so I can fit into your bras um how about no just make some bras that will actually fit big chested women Hot Top Stay Trippy Little Hippie Forest Sunflower shirt

Top Stay Trippy Little Hippie Forest Sunflower shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

Top Stay Trippy Little Hippie Forest Sunflower shirt 1 - Top Stay Trippy Little Hippie Forest Sunflower shirt

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